Razor Burn


“My son is a man now!” Dad grins. A new set of shiny blades stands proudly next to the wash basin.

“Shhh. Nobody should even know you bought these.” Mom whispers. An other set of blades remains stowed away.

“Haha. Your arms are so hairy! Are you girl, or a chimp?” A guy, who is supposedly a friend with my best interests at heart, points out.

“Ew. Your legs are stubbly. You shouldn’t be wearing a skirt!” A girl tells me.

“Why do you have a mustache in place of your eyebrows?” *giggles follow* “Haven’t you heard of a beauty parlour?”


So pray tell me, how do I remain a confident, young woman, while being simultaneously shamed for being born as one?


Why should I voluntarily undergo an extremely unpleasant and painful experience of removing perfectly safe body hair, and also pay for it ?!


If you aren’t offended by the blatant sexism and other various injustices that women – leave women, that other people face every day but are offended by a few strands of hair, are you even human?



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